SkinPen Precision sets the Gold Standard in Medical Skin Remodelling

Discover what makes the SkinPen device a multiaward-winning medical microneedling system

At Crown Aesthetics, we have found that medical microneedling is growing in popularity each year within the aesthetic speciality, with more plastic surgeons, aesthetic practitioners and dermatologists turning their attention to skin remodelling to support their patients. SkinPen Precision is one of the world’s most trusted microneedling technologies on the market and has revolutionised skin remodelling treatments for all. Powered by state-ofthe-art technology, the SkinPen device sets the gold standard for safety and efficacy. It is an award winning device that provides patients with a non-surgical procedure for complete skin rejuvenation, delivering natural-looking results with little to no downtime.

What is SkinPen Precision?

SkinPen Precision utilises collagen induction therapy to deliver medical aesthetic treatments through controlled micro-injuries to the skin. SkinPen creates up to three million micro channels in a 30-minute treatment, eliciting the body’s natural wound-healing cascade.1-4 This process begins with injury/inflammation, progresses to tissue proliferation, and ultimately results in tissue remodelling, including new collagen and elastin. SkinPen offers a natural and nonsurgical collagen boosting treatment, suitable for all skin tones and types all year round. It is a minimally-invasive procedure performed by qualified healthcare professionals in the clinic with little to no downtime. With a patented, single-use advanced cartridge unit that is FDA-cleared and CE-marked, housing only sterile medical-grade needles, this offers the best protection for crosscontamination and provides the highest safety and quality microneedling procedures.

Figure 1: A female patient after six treatments (photos courtesy of Cathy Presnick, A Perfect Complexion)

With unrivalled technology that medical professionals and patients can trust.

SkinPen Precision has passed more than 90 validated tests to set the standard in microneedling. SkinPen’s patented disposable microneedle cartridge has an in-built reciprocating mechanism for precise calibration when treating the skin.

The mechanism of action

The treatment involves creating controlled microinjuries in the skin, eliciting the body’s natural wound healing cascade.

Patient suitability

The SkinPen microneedling treatment is a safe and effective treatment for men and women for the face and body, that can be done all year round. There are no limiting factors to having this treatment, such as laser therapy or sun exposure, making it a flexible option for patients.

Expected results

Patients can expect improvements between four to six weeks, allowing time for the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. Patients may notice improvements as early as seven days post-procedure, with improved skin tone and texture. Proper skincare and maintenance are required to sustain desired results.1-4

Author: 09/01/2023. “SkinPen Precision sets the Gold Standard in Medical Skin Remodelling”. 09/01/2023.

Aesthetic practitioner’s perspective

Dr Ana Mansouri, medical director of Dr Ana The Skin Clinic in Birmingham, commented, “SkinPen has been my go-to treatment for some years, having sought out an FDA-cleared safe and effective device capable of optimising my clinical outcomes. It remains the most popular option amongst my patients for collagen induction, thanks to its minimal discomfort and downtime while providing impressive results. I am particularly interested in the newly approved indications, including surgical scars and stretch marks.” She continued, “Crown Aesthetics remains at the forefront of the aesthetic industry, given their device’s safety and efficacy profiles.”


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