Skin Rejuvenation

Natural Skin Rejuvenation

We live in a society where adults of both sexes and all ages want to look their best. We’re willing to work toward that. But many of us want to use the most natural skin rejuvenation procedures we can find.

Clinical Procedures

Procedures available through a qualified clinic or medical spa produce results because they’re more advanced. They also require specialized work environments and careful training to produce safe, effective results.

Few of these procedures would be considered natural, although they can help minimize symptoms. For example, resurfacing procedures use chemicals, laser heat or light or radio frequencies for treatments. And Botox is a paralytic made from botulinum toxin.

Natural procedures work with the body, stimulating replenishment and healing responses that help actually improve the skin. Injectable fillers are often formulated from hyaluronic acid, something which is produced naturally by the body. Their results wear off, because the filler material is absorbed over time.

You might say microneedling offers the best of both worlds, because it works naturally and offers clinical results. It is a minimally invasive procedure that kick-starts the skin’s natural remodeling process without introducing any foreign chemicals. The SkinPen® microneedling device is one such procedure that is revolutionizing the field of microneedling due to its design, disposable single use sterile cartridges, and convenience for patients.

After the SkinPen® treatment, Skinfuse® is suggested to help maintain a youthful glow after microneedling. Skinfuse® is a comprehensive skin care collection that supplies only essential, natural ingredients. These products protect the skin and assist in maintaining results.

Healthy Lifestyle

Perhaps the simplest and most natural skin improvement technique is adopting a healthy lifestyle. Smoking, tanning, overeating (especially sugar and fat), lack of exercise, over-consumption of alcohol, and lack of sleep can all counteract other skin rejuvenation efforts. There is no medical procedure or over-the-counter product that can “fix” poor personal decisions.

Sunscreen and sunglasses help, too. (Botox can stop you from squinting, but so can avoiding bright light and glare.)

There are any number of procedures designed to help nature along, or even reverse the effects of sun damage and aging. It’s important to remember that what is “natural” for one person’s body may not be effective or advisable for someone else. People come in a wide variety of skin types and colors, genetic backgrounds, age, and gender-specific challenges.

Successful natural skin rejuvenation involves doing more of the things that can help improve skin condition and appearance, while doing less of the things that rob our skin of it’s natural beauty and resilience.