Acne Scar Patient Talks About Microneedling Success With SkinPen

On March 6, Crown Aesthetics announced FDA clearance for our microneedling device, SkinPen®. Since then, doctors and patients alike from all over the world have been celebrating this news with us.

Recently we had the pleasure of sitting down to discuss SkinPen with Dr. Jeff Angobaldo a board certified plastic surgeon, and SkinPen provider, in Plano, Texas. Accompanying him was one of his patients, Kimberly, who had recently completed her SkinPen treatments with him.

Results with SkinPen

We asked Kimberly why she chose SkinPen to treat her acne scars. Here’s what she said, “When I started with SkinPen, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve done lasers, I’ve done microdermabrasion and I just expected the same result. When I do laser treatments, they truly are painful and I wanted to have something that was not as abrasive. More natural.” Kimberly said that once she began her first treatment, “I knew! This was it. It wasn’t painful, there was no downtime, I loved it!”

The SkinPen Process with Dr. Angobaldo

Under the bright lights, Kimberly shared about how easy her SkinPen process was with Dr. Angobaldo and his staff at Renaissance Plastic Surgery. When we asked Dr. Angobaldo why he chose SkinPen for his patients, he said, “The most important thing I look for is how safe it is. Is it FDA-cleared for the service that we are providing? The second, is it effective? I’m not going to buy a product that doesn’t work.”

Three years of hard work in design and development has paved the way for a new classification in the microneedling category of medical devices. As of today, SkinPen is the only legally marketed microneedling device in the U.S.


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